AD announced that its owner-members elected three directors to its Board of Directors and appointed one new member.

To elect new directors, the AD Board’s Nominating & Governance Committee holds an annual nominating and voting period, during which AD owner-members select members to join the board.

AD’s newly elected director is Scott Weaver, president and CEO of APR Supply Co. John Wiborg, president, CEO and founder of Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc., and Paul Kennedy, president and CEO of Dakota Supply Group, were also re-elected.

Weaver is an accomplished executive, leading APR Supply since 1998. APR Supply is a third-generation, family-owned HVAC and plumbing distribution business. In Weaver’s time as president and CEO, he has led the company through innovations, extensive growth and several successful acquisitions. He currently serves on the AD HVAC Divisional Board of Directors. He has previously served on numerous industry, educational and private company boards, committees and task forces, including the board of HARDI, and was formerly the president of the American Supply Association.

“I had the privilege of attending the first board meeting and was thrilled with the high-performing team that was already in place,” Weaver commented. “It is commendable that AD remains division-smart in its 14 divisions, with flexibility leading to success in implementing individual strategic plans. The LLC Board helps us be corporate-smart for initiatives that benefit all distributors.”

Wiborg is an active member of his community and serves on several private company boards. Wiborg also previously served on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and as chairman for the Industrial Supply Association. Wiborg joined the LLC Board in 2013 and serves as the lead director of the board. He also serves on the AD Industrial & Safety – U.S. Divisional Board.

Kennedy brings over 30 years of experience in plumbing, electrical, HVAC/R and waterworks distribution to his current role with Dakota Supply Group. Before DSG, he served as president and COO of a Midwest-based wholesale distributor and spent 19 years in senior management roles across the U.S. and Canada for a large global plumbing distributor. He serves as an independent director for The Bostwick-Braun company and as a director on the boards of the National Association of Electrical Distributors and American Supply Association. He joined the AD LLC Board in 2023 and serves on its Organizational Development Committee.

“AD has helped DSG and so many independent distributors over the years with opportunities to grow and resources to take our businesses to the next level,” Kennedy shared. “AD’s executive leadership team and Corporate Board of Directors are among the boldest leaders in our industries, and I am honored to continue my service on the board and use my voice to help guide AD in the future.”

AD also announced the board’s appointment of Jason Seger, president and CEO of Border States, to fill the vacancy created by David White’s retirement. Seger has a diverse background in inventory, pricing, marketing, operations, customer and acquisition integration, and sales and management roles. He has been an active leader in both the industry and community. He currently serves on the AD U.S. Electrical Divisional Board and also served on the Innovation Advisory Council for IDEA, the NAED LEAD committee and the NAED Western Region Council.

“I’m honored to join and serve on the AD Board of Directors,” Seger commented. “It’s humbling to work alongside AD’s strong leadership team and a high-functioning board made of industry thought leaders, all dedicated to serving the AD community. I look forward to supporting the AD team and serving the independent distributors that make up AD, to not only preserve the values that make our community so special, but ensure we are looking far enough ahead to make sure that independent distribution continues to thrive far into the future.”

The members of the 2024 AD LLC Board of Directors are François Deschênes, president and CEO of Deschênes Group Inc.; Steve Drummond, president of Source Atlantic and chair of the AD LLC Nominating & Governance Committee; Clay Geary, owner/manager of Interior Exterior Building Supply; Karla Neupert Hockley, president of Consolidated Supply Co.; Tim Horsman, president and CEO of E.B. Horsman & Son and AD LLC Organizational Development Committee Chair; Kennedy; Dr. Don McNeeley, chairman and CEO of Chicago Tube & Iron and chair of the Investment Committee; Donald Slominski Jr., executive chairman of McNaughton-McKay Electric Company and AD LLC Audit Committee Chair; Seger; Weaver; Bill Weisberg, chairman and CEO of AD; and Wiborg.