The ACI Foundation’s Concrete Research Council selected eight research projects to receive grants this year. The CRC seeks concrete research projects that further the knowledge and sustainability of concrete materials, construction and structures in coordination with ACI Technical Committees.

The following research projects will receive funding from the ACI Foundation and were awarded based on relevancy and potential impact of the research; supplemental support for the project, such as collaboration with other funders and organizations; overall proposal quality; researcher capability and ACI Technical Committee engagement.

A Planning Study to Speed Up Broad Implementation of More Sustainable and Resilient Concrete Materials by the Pavement Sector

PI: Somayeh Nassiri from University of California, Davis
Co-PI: John Harvey from University of California, Davis
Endorsed by ACI Committee 240 (Pozzolans)

Examining the Abrasion and Carbonation Resistance of Portland Limestone Cement Systems for Industrial Floors

PI: Mehdi Khanzadeh Moradllo from Temple University
Endorsed by ACI Committee 225 (Hydraulic Cements)

Three- Versus Four-Point Bending Test for the Identification of UHPFRC/FRC Tensile Constitutive Behavior

PI: Francesco Lo Monte from Politecnico di Milano
Co-PI: Barzin Mobasher from Arizona State University
Endorsed by ACI Committee 544 (Fiber-Reinforced Concrete)

Leveraging Transfer Learning to Predict the Performance of Novel Concrete Mix Designs in an Expeditious Manner

PI: Stephanie Paal from Texas A&M University
Endorsed by ACI Committee 135 (Machine Learning-Informed Construction and Design)

Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Compressive Model in Flexural Compression Zone

PI: Yi Shao from McGill University
Endorsed by ACI Committee 239 (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete)

Analysis and Design of Concrete Bridge Deck Overhang Using GFRP Bars

PI: Khaled Sennah from Toronto Metropolitan University
Endorsed by ACI Committee 440 (Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement) and ACI Committee 343 (Concrete Bridge Design)

Experimental Investigation of Use of UHPC to Simplify Structural Detailing of Precast Shear Walls in Seismic Regions

PI: Sriram Aaleti from University of Alabama
Co-PI: Michael E. Kreger from University of Alabama
Endorsed by ACI Committee 550 (Precast Concrete Structures) — Joint ACI-ASCE Committee

Strength Reduction Factor for Plain Concrete

PI: Andrzej Nowak from Auburn University
Endorsed by ACI Committee 380 (Structural Plain Concrete), ACI Committee 332 (Residential Concrete Work) and ACI Committee 348 (Structural Reliability & Safety)

The ACI Foundation is committed to progress in the industry by contributing financially to necessary and worthy research. Additional information about each of this year’s awarded projects — including additional funding partners, research teams, ACI committee involvement, project details and more — is available at