Rockfon is expanding its suspended ceiling grid systems with a new offering: the Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid. Rockfon is the leading manufacturer of stone wool ceiling solutions in North America, as well as architectural metal ceiling and suspension grid system products. The new drywall grid product is being introduced to provide easier, faster, consistent, high-quality installation and contributes to greater overall performance.

“Our objective was clear: provide a superior installation experience for hands-on contractors and installers,” said Michael Thill, senior product manager for grid and metal ceilings at Rockfon North America. “The new drywall grid product will improve speed [and] efficiency and, importantly, ensure a quality installation building professionals can hang their reputations on. There’s a tremendous benefit to the architect, specifier and interior design teams, knowing their designs will be supported by Rockfon products.”

New and improved features include:

  • A patented screw stop with a wider, knurled face
    • Prevents screw spin-out
    • Wider 1.5-inch face from previous version for easier screw installation
  • Increased knurled facing
    • Improves screw grab for faster, more efficient installation
  • Additional slotting
    • Group slotting used for main runners and cross tees supports Type G and Type F light fixture compatibility
    • Standard cross-tee sizes of 4 feet, 6 feet and 50 inches
  • Increased strength and torsional rigidity
    • New double-stitched web
    • Increased profile heights – up to 1.68 inches
    • New bulb design
  • Reduced main runner firebreaks
    • One firebreak per main from a previous three – reduces hanger wire installation
    • Featured in 13 new fire-rated UL assemblies and 44 total fire-rated UL assemblies
  • Manufactured with G40 steel for durability and backed by a 40-year warranty

The Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid suspended ceiling system provides dependable performance; it is built to last and contribute to building and occupant safety with these attributes:

  • Suitable for use in geographies, such as California and Canada, where systems must withstand greater seismic loads and meet stricter code requirements.
  • Class A flame-spread rating in accordance with ASTM standard E84.
  • Low-emitting product that can be used in spaces with high humidity, contributing to safe, healthy indoor environments.

The Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid is perfect for a wide variety of commercial applications, including hospitals, hospitality, retail, lobbies, department stores, galleries, residential high-rise spaces, schools and office spaces.

Rockfon’s entire product portfolio is backed by an expert technical support team, which is available to answer your questions. Need product support? Email