The battle cry of the GOP during the last presidential election has now come back to haunt us all as we watch the “mousse” roll ashore along the southern coastline (that’s what they official call the muck that washes ashore when oil and seawater mix).

Be it the dangers of drilling for oil along our coastline or the pristine glaciers of the Alaska slope, there is a risk and a price to be paid for domestic oil. But can we continue to buy oil from the Middle East? That has its own set of risks that neither Party seems willing to tolerate for much longer.

If I had the answer to this dilemma, I would market it and then retire to an island far from the smell of crude oil or the noise of politicians and all political pundits. What I do know is that anything, and I do mean anything, we can do to reduce our dependence on oil and reduce our consumption of energy of all kinds, will yield a three-fold profit:

* We keep more of our money from going overseas and into the hands of people who do not like us very much.

* We lower the risk of ecological and financial disasters like what has recently occurred off the coast of Louisiana.

* We prosper financially by spending less on energy and by inventing, and then selling, the technology, products and services necessary to produce energy efficient building, vehicles and appliances to the entire world.

Does this make sense or should I just go get me a T-shirt that says, “Drill, Baby Drill?”