Just some surprising statistics to prepare the scene: in 2020, the Bureau of Labor stated approximately only 10 percent of the overall construction industry was women. By the end of 2022, after two long pandemic years, that number was only slightly higher at 11 percent.

Together, we can do better than those numbers.

The construction market houses nearly 8 million workers.

Why Not Women?

As leaders in this industry, it’s up to us to help to stop those slow workforce trends and make impactful marks on those data lines for years to come.

8 Million Workers!

Two-thousand-twenty-three will be the year of women and women in construction together.

Recently, we have seen numbers skyrocket showing what a critical workforce shortage we are plagued with, as commercial and residential projects increase daily.

Instantly, we are also seeing the older generation retiring faster than we bring in a qualified workforce.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working in the commercial construction industry for over 20 years now.

I have loved making friends, learning about amazing projects and products, and, most of all, creating a career for myself.

There are so many women out there that need fulfilling careers.

Industry experts teach us that there is strength in numbers.

We are joining forces with you to make this #TheYearofWIC2023.

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I want to challenge each of you to “Be Greater than Average” at changing the trend for women in construction.

Together, our synergy can excite future generations.

Together, we can close that gap.

We, together, will change to move this lack of diversity in the construction workforce.

In this blog, we will interview successful women in construction; we will talk about ways you can grow your team, ways you can work within your communities and talk to other leaders of change to ensure that this year is in fact the #TheYearofWIC2023.

Follow along for the next edition of 2023: The Year of Women, Women in Construction.

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