Roger Waters, once a member of Pink Floyd, and always a lyri(musi)cal genius, in 1987 wrote “The Tide Is Turning,” a song heavy with sentiments of war, nuclear holocaust, media malevolence, and political malfeasance.

Yet, the song (and spirit) is ultimately lifted by the hopeful, almost defiant chorus, “But … the tide is turning.”

While not precise to current conditions (though close), I believe the chorus strikes similarly at present economic conditions.

As a contributor to The Evening Sun, a Hanover, Pa.-based newspaper, I interview local small business owners for my column, “Talking Business.”

This interaction allows me the fortune of being a conduit between business owners and readers. As well, it provides me with an anecdotal read on the economy, from those who battle daily the constrictive environment.

With slight hesitation, due to the once strong heel of a recession, most of the entrepreneurs express optimism that conditions are improving, if only marginally. And right now, they’ll take improvement, even if small; like falling jobless claims, rising homebuilder sentiment, and moderating inflation. These kernels of confidence resonate with many of the people I’ve interviewed.

Most aren’t interested in parroting political points espoused by television talking heads. Instead, these risk takers are busy managing circumstances with intent to grow their business as conditions improve.

Hopefully, they’ll have ample chance, going forward.