No doubt, a construction career can be tough, with daily dour developments broadcast by media and word of mouth. A more challenging occupation, though, might be as a gypsum product sales representative, who deals with cantankerous contractors concerned about price hikes and material malfunctions.

One example is Doug, who labors for an unnamed gypsum manufacturer. A friendly fellow, Doug ably absorbs displeasure directed at his employer and attempts to pacify angst by seeking solutions (and sometimes handing out company goodies).

Recently, when compromised wallboard was hung in the downstairs of a model home, the paper face peeled off, revealing an unfortunate oversight at the plant.

Doug arrived, called to action by a disgruntled phone call from the boss (my brother). Bewildered but busy, Doug snapped pictures, retrieved board codes from the dumpster, and called supervisors at the manufacturing plant. Doug discovered a two-hour window of poorly processed board was, inexplicably, shipped to supply houses.

An unfortunate lack of quality control, no doubt. Fortunately, the unnamed gypsum company owned the situation and paid for the labor and materials to laminate over the ruined board, resolved to address quality issues, and apologized for the bother. I wonder if Doug received any similar acts of contrition from his employer. Maybe a free T-shirt?