Moisture Warranty Corp. has announced its MoistureFree Warranty for commercial properties.

The warranty, available for terms up to five years and $1 million of coverage, is offered nationwide for most exterior cladding systems, both new and existing construction. Backed by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Co., coverage is both renewable and transferable. Warranty pricing varies based on the associated risk of the property but the warranty coverage is considered in the industry to be both affordable and critically necessary.

To qualify for the warranty, the property is evaluated for existing moisture intrusion problems. Third-party inspectors are used to inspect buildings for moisture intrusion and provide a thorough inspection report to MWC. The company then analyzes the report and provides a detailed repair analysis of modifications and repairs required for the property to be warrantable. The company can also conduct ASTM testing on critical components of the building in order to engineer specific moisture prevention solutions for their clients.

Once the modifications and repairs have been completed, a specialist from the company ascertains the building meets standards and a warranty is issued on the building. During the term of the warranty, if the building suffers moisture intrusion as a result of the cladding system, MWC pays to get it dry.

On new construction, the company specifies the installation procedures that are necessary to protect the building from moisture problems related to the cladding system. Interim onsite inspections verify the system is being installed to MoistureFree Warranty standards.

Those interested in the warranty may call (800) 400-8679 ext. 152 for more information or visit