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Where cement and concrete are concerned, so is the Portland Cement Association: in manufacturing, in raising the quality of construction, in improving the product and its uses, in contributing to a better environment. In practice, this mandate means well-rounded programs of market development, education, research, technical services and government affairs on behalf of PCA members--cement companies in the United States and Canada.

Board members, titles:

John "Jay" P. Gleason, president; George B. Barney, vice president, market development and technical services; Jan E. Farnsworth, corporate secretary; James F. Rappel, vice president, finance and administration; Bruce D. McIntosh, managing director, communications; Steven H. Kosmatka, managing director, research and technical services; Lionel A. Lemay, managing director, market promotion; Robert M. Rayner, PCA board chairman, Essroc Cement Corp.

Member companies:

Alamo Cement Co., Arizona Portland Cement Co., Ash Grove Cement Co., Blue Circle Inc., Blue Circle Canada Inc., Calaveras Cement Co., California Portland Cement Co., Capitol Aggregates Ltd., Cemex, Ciment Quebec Inc., Coastal Cement Corp., Continental Florida Materials Inc., CPC Terminals, CSR Rinker Materials, Dacotah Cement, Dixon-Marquette Cement Co., Dragon Products Co., Eastern Cement Corp., Essroc Canada Inc., Essroc Cement Corp., Federal White Cement Ltd., Florida Rock Industries Inc., Glacier Northwest Inc., Glens Falls Lehigh Cement Co., Hanson Permanente Cement, Heartland Cement Co., Hercules Cement Co., Holnam Inc., Illinois Cement Co., Inland Cement Ltd., Lafarge Canada Inc., Lafarge Corp., Lehigh Portland Cement Co., Lone Star Industries Inc., Mitsubishi Cement Corp., The Monarch Cement Co., National Cement Co. of Alabama Inc., National Cement Co. of California Inc., Norval Inc., North Texas Cement Co. L.P., Phoenix Cement Co., RC Cement Co. Inc., Rio Grande Portland Cement Corp., River Cement Co., RMC Pacific Materials Inc., St. Lawrence Cement Co., St. Lawrence Cement Inc., Signal Mountain Cement Co., Texas Industries Inc., Texas-Lehigh Cement Co., Tilbury Cement Co., Tilbury Cement Ltd.

Affiliate members:

Arizona Cement Association, California Cement Promotion Council, Cement and Concrete Promotion Council of Texas, Expanded Shale Clay & Slate Institute, Florida Concrete and Products Association, Great Lakes Cement Promotion Association, North Central Cement Promotion Association, Northeast Cement Shippers Association, Northwest Cement Producers Group, Rocky Mountain Concrete Promotion Council, South Central Cement Promotion Association, Southeast Cement Promotion Association.

*For current chairmen, addresses and telephone numbers, contact Daniel J. Sladek, PCA-Skokie at (847) 966-6200.

Sister organizations:

The American Concrete Pavement Association, the industry's promotional arm for highways, streets and airport paving, is a joint effort of cement suppliers and paving contractors.

The American Portland Cement Alliance, which represents the cement industry's interests in federal legislative and regulatory matters.

Construction Technology Laboratories Inc. conducts research, testing and consulting engineering. Formerly PCA's research and development division, CTL has operated as a separate, for-profit subsidiary of PCA since 1987. Canadian operations are carried out by the Canadian Portland Cement Association with headquarters in Ottawa and regional offices throughout Canada.

Benefits to members and contractors:

PCA's Market Development and Research and Technical Services divisions conduct principal activities and programs. Promotion of cement and concrete remains the stalwart of the association's work, with Market Development forming the core of PCA activities. Market Development follows cement use. Organized around target markets and the strategies they dictate, programs encompass codes and standards benefiting the industry at large, promotion aimed directly at particular construction segments, and support for local promotion efforts of members and allies.

Engineering Services, Codes and Standards takes on the high-tech end of promotion: bridges, high-rise buildings and codes and standards work driven by advances in design and construction. Code specialists in the field promote and protect concrete interests in each of the three regional building code organizations in the United States. Bridge and transit engineers focus on the public-works market for concrete structures, pushed by infrastructure renewal. Development of new computer programs makes the design of concrete buildings simpler and more economical while providing valuable tools for local promoters. On the conventional end of the building spectrum, promotion focuses on residential and low-rise commercial buildings. Working with both homebuilders and consumers, residential programs advance new concrete products for housing--both in building systems and components such as driveways and patios.

To promote concrete for commercial, institutional and public buildings, PCA targets frames, floors and walls with promotional and technical tools. An aggressive national accounts effort serves both housing and commercial markets by assisting large influential builders and construction users. Public works programs entail infrastructure outside of transportation: facilities serving water resources, waste and wastewater, dams, and the non-concrete cement markets of soil cement, roller-compacted concrete and waste stabilization. Rounding out Market Development are support programs offering data on cement use and market potential; training and educational programs for the cement, concrete and construction industries; and a host of information resources including publications, newsletters and promotional tools.


Bruce D. McIntosh

Managing Director, Communications


5420 Old Orchard Road

Skokie, IL 60077-1083

(847)966.6200; fax (847)966.8389