Ladder leveling tool by ProVision Tools Inc.

The PiViT replaces more than $200 worth of accessories, most notably metal ladder leveling legs that must be bolted to the ladder. Because it doesn't attach to the ladder, (it's portable) it can be used with multiple ladders, even step ladders, without needing tools. Two PiViT Ladder Tools can be used to make a scaffold on stairs. One is used as a ladder jack while the other levels the steps, creating a stable, worry-free work platform. Other uses include a ladder stand off, paint can leveler, paint tray holder, tool caddy and step stool. The contact surface is lined with conveyer belt material that is virtually indestructible and provides a sure-footed hold when weight is applied-even on asphalt shingle roofs up to a 7/12 pitch. The ramps on the PiViT are rated at 750 pounds, which is roughly twice the rated capacity of a ladder.