Association Profile

Association Spotlight: Stucco Manufacturers Association

Year founded: 1957

Purpose or mission statement: To promote the advantages of 3-coat colored cementatious stucco by educating the building industry and consumers. SMA is a non-profit association comprised of the major manufacturers of stucco in North America and their related suppliers.

SMA President: Jerry Hanifan

Board members, titles: Ben Garcia, vice president; Steve Taylor, treasurer; Ed Flah, secretary; Norma S. Fox, executive director.

Membership consists of 35 companies, roughly half stucco manufacturers and half suppliers.

Stucco Member: Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the manufacturing and retail or resale of colored stucco. Such stucco manufacturer shall:

1. Have a reputation for good and moral character.

2. Maintain a manufacturing plant for the purpose of selling at retail or resale and not for one’s own consumption.

3. Market stucco products under its own label.

4. Be able to provide printed color charts with supporting technical information.

5. Maintain an office open daily during business hours throughout the year to serve the dealers, contractors and/or the public.

Associate Member: Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the sale of lath and plaster products or services to stucco manufacturers or stucco dealers.

Benefits to its members:

• Architectural awards program

• Association staff

• Library of support materials

• Networking

• Newsletter

• Project recognition

• Public relations

Working on: The association is emphasizing education in the building industry, its target audience. These professionals can benefit from the expertise of the association, and it is SMA’s responsibility to provide solutions to their stucco applications. This audience includes:

• Architects

• Architectural and

engineering schools

• Builders

• Building officials

• Color consultants

• Inspectors

• Interior designers

• Plastering contractors

• Suppliers

Future goals: SMA’s future goals include advancing the knowledge and promoting the use of 3 coat-colored cementatious stucco. There are a variety of resources available through membership, including:

• Field guides

• Promotional materials

• Seminars

• Speakers bureau

• Specifications sheets

• Standards and specifications

• Trade publications

• Trade show booth

• Web design and links


Stucco Manufacturers Association

2402 Vista Nobleza

Newport Beach, Calif. 92660

(949) 640-9902

(949) 640-9911 fax