This headline is a great mantra that should be branded on all workers' hardhats and engraved within every staging set erected. Furthermore, scaffolding and safety product manufacturers should consider a bumper sticker campaign with their respective company logo but with big, bold emphasis-all uppercase-"SAFETY FIRST." Two to three different sizes produced so each and every worker-whether the competent person or operator of power tools or the foreman-can place a sticker on the side of the scaffold or a circular saw or a clipboard. The message is always the same and brainwashing never works better than a bombast slogan delivered in repetition. Consider for every purchase on scaffolding or safety products such stickers coming with the package as a little bonus.

However, far greater incentives are being practiced as we rant and rave about sticky promos. The following are just a few programs going on as the world turns.

The Hydro Mobile University is held in Montreal and is both an instructional and hands-on session that covers the use of its products and safety procedures for the use of the company's M- and F-Series. The three-day course offers instruction on loading, transporting and setting up platforms, effective equipment operation and job site maneuvering. Sessions also included are job site planning and lay out of complex buildings and reducing production costs. The next session will be held Oct. 18-20. The company also offers on-site training at the end user's premises for specific needs.

And why not have someone come to your site for training? Costs can be high shipping your new staff for training so, reserve the conference room, order a few pizzas and check out OSHA's "Scaffold Training Program," available on VHS. This program covers OSHA's scaffolding standard and instructs how workers can recognize and avoid scaffold-related accidents. The topics covered are fall protection, safety awareness, performing visual inspections and falling object protection, and more. Each program includes the training video, instructor's guide, 10 employee handbooks, a training log and more. This would be an ideal introductory overview that the employees could benefit from before graduating to more of the technical standards of hands-on training.

For those interested in a more active, intensive training course, the Scaffold Training Institute has regular courses at its League City site, which is between Houston and Galveston, Texas. Available are three-, four- and now five-day courses that cover everything from competent person to train-the-trainer to fall protection. The institute has just announced its fall schedule so check out for dates near you.

And last but certainly not least of the giants, contact the Scaffold Industry Association (see feature "Scaffold Safety" on page 56), who should be considered an endless resource for all things safety. Of course, Walls & Ceilings will help in whatever way we can. Until we hear from you, wear those safety glasses and strap on the full body harness.