This month's letter is in response to the Adventures in Drywall column "We Like Whine" (April 2002).

Historical facts?


April 2000 issue: In the Adventures in Drywall article, the two knuckleheads (their words not mine) compare the Crusades with the likes of the terrorists of 9-11. Their ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and lack of intelligence of history plainly shows. The only thing they got right and I quote: "The following are topics considered but deemed far too important for a couple of knuckleheads like us to intelligently address." They might have tried mentioning Hitler or Stalin or Mao.

Thank you,

Dean Beal

Kevin Bush responds:

Wow. Looks like we struck a nerve again. We are, however, confused by your objections. Are you questioning the role religious fanatics have played in many instances while waging so-called "holy wars"? Did we dream up the specter of Catholics and Protestants bombing each other for decades in Ireland? We believe history books describe the Crusades as one of history's bloodiest periods, once again driven by religious fanaticism. Don't get us wrong, the terrorism happening on a daily basis around the world is horrifying. If it sounded trite when we described these topics as being much too serious for knuckleheads like us to consider, we're sorry.

Humbly yours,

The Adventures