Pittcon Industries has acquired Architectural Art Manufacturing Inc., a producer of building expansion joint and trench covers.

With the acquisition, Pittcon increases its expansion joint offering to more than 500 styles and sizes, expands its coast-to-coast presence, and enables customers to get a greater selection of architectural specialties from one supplier.

"With Architectural Art, we now have an expansion joint cover for nearly every interior and exterior application, including walls, floors, ceilings and roofs," said Ron Moore, Pittcon's vice president and director of marketing and sales.

Architectural Art's line of expansion joint covers are used for thermal, seismic and fire-rated applications.

Pittcon will continue to manufacture and market Architectural Art's entire product line along with its own.

Both Architectural Art and Pittcon have been in business since the 1940s.

Architectural Art's product line will remain under that company's name and will continue to be sold by a dedicated team of sales reps, adding to Pittcon's current team of 35. However, Pittcon has already transferred all customer service duties on behalf of Architectural Art to its Riverdale, Md., headquarters.