Crestline Windows & Doors

The Replacement Window with Applied Brickmould product is ideal for applications that require a full replacement window, frame and exterior trim. Made easier for remodelers to measure thesse windows and faster to install because there's no need to insert siding into a J-channel or apply brickmould after window installation. The window has a full 4 9/16-inch jamb and a multi-chambered, extruded vinyl frame that resists denting, fading or scratching and provides structural stability, energy efficiency and virtually maintenance-free care. Brickmould is available in three profiles: WM180, flat casing and Adams historical casing in a wide range of sizes. Exteriors are available in white or almond. Inside, homeowners can choose from standard pine, ash or white composite interiors. The pine or ask interiors can be ordered in four prefinished stain finishes: fruitwood, golden oak, cinnamon or clear satin.

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