Compliant with ASTM C 1620-05, the CF 812 and CF 810 Filler Foams offer an alternative to traditional sealing methods. Both products are ideal for restricting air, sound, dirt and water infiltration in a variety of applications. Primarily for sealing the perimeters of window and door frames (tested in accordance with AAMA 812), the low pressure filler foam can be used for sealing openings where flexible material is needed. The CF 810 Crack and Joint Pro is a high-performance, high-yield foam for filling around penetrations and general gap/crack applications, such as insulating around electrical outlet boxes, filling openings around HVAC ducts, and sealing around pipe and cable penetrations. The foams help save energy by reducing air infiltration and also provide an excellent sound reduction barrier. For precision installation, the foams are used with the company's DS-1 dispenser. Its high quality valve prevents pressure loss, prolongs shelf life and prevents waste.

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