The TopStop Head-of-Wall Insulation is specifically engineered to provide fire barrier protection at the top of wall assemblies and formed to fit the contour of roof decks or floor/ceiling corrugations. Edges are angled at 108° so that compression of the batt is equalized and the void is uniformly filled. Three standard sizes of TopStop boards are available to fill corrugations from 41⁄2 to 7 inches wide at the base. The forming strips with thicknesses of 5/8 or 11⁄4 and widths of 2 or 4 inches also are available for plugging openings at the tops of partition walls where they meet flat roof decks or floor/ceilings, or to add more fill material anywhere it is needed. All of the boards are an easy to handle 36 inch in length. Since the product is already formed to fit the head-of-wall openings, it vastly improves the consistency of plugging them. Assemblies completed with the product provide a greater degree of confidence that the systems will perform as designed.

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