Fiberglass insulation

This new fiberglass insulation, Fatt Batt, is designed to meet stricter energy codes and higher R-value recommendations by the Department of Energy. This insulation is 15 inches thick and installs in an easy, one-step application. Available faced and unfaced, Fatt Batt allows builders, contractors and homeowners to reach R-49 without having to lay two separate batts on top of each other or add loose-fill insulation on top of batts. It eliminates the need for installing multiple thicknesses of insulation and is easy to install. The product is certified for children and schools by the Greenguard Environmental Institute.

Loose-fill insulation

Applegate Insulation’s monolithic seal provides a tight-fitting barrier wherever there is a need to combat unwanted sound or energy transfer. Applegate insulations create a seamless insulation system conforming to the contour of the building’s design. Applegate insulation products exceed the toughest fire safety standards and are environmentally friendly, composed from 80 percent post-consumer recycled newsprint.

Closed-cell insulation

This closed cell, spray-in-place product achieves thermal isolation, air isolation and moisture isolation, effectively sealing out moisture and humidity and thus eliminating the chance for formation of mold, bacteria, and decay. Both the indoor and outdoor climate are effectively displaced out of the cavity as CORBOND is installed in its seamless fully adhered form. Stud frame buildings with cavities of CORBOND work no matter what the climate.

Polyurethane spray foam systems

The new Touch ‘n Seal Home Sealing Foam Kits are Class 1 fire-retardant, two-component spray polyurethane foam systems designed as an air barrier and add R-value and sound reduction to commercial and residential insulating projects. The kits can be used with all fiber systems and come with an anti-crossover gun and extra nozzles (both fan and linear). These kits cure and cease expanding in one minute, allowing for immediate installation of fiberglass or other materials. All Touch ‘n Seal two-component foam kits are self-contained, portable, disposable units with no CFC’s or urea formaldehyde, and are available in fire-resistant formulations.

Environmentally-friendly insulation

Sealection Agribalance is the newest addition to Demilec’s “green” line of environmentally-friendly spray foam insulation. Sealection Agribalance is an open-celled, semi-rigid polyurethane spray foam insulation that contains more than 20 percent renewable agriculture-based products, primarily vegetable oils, for residential buildings. Because it expands to tightly fill the building cavity, it seals cracks, gaps and voids in attics, walls and ceilings.

Foam insulation system

This soft foam insulation and air barrier minimizes air leakage, providing advanced moisture management, improved indoor air quality and energy savings. Icynene is 100 percent water-blown, environmentally-friendly and air-seals any-shaped cavity to minimize the intrusion of airborne moisture and outdoor pollutants. It provides for design freedom, including the ability to overcome hard-to-insulate areas such as cathedral ceilings, oddly shaped rooms, or around windows and doors.

Fiberglass insulation

DryRight fiberglass insulation helps building professionals control moisture within wall cavities. DryRight is faced with MemBrain, CertainTeed’s patented vapor retarder that changes its molecular permeability under varying humidity conditions to allow wall cavities to stay dry and help reduce the risk of damaging mold and mildew. The permeance of DryRight is 1 perm or less at normal conditions and increases to greater than 30 perms when the humidity changes to near 90 percent. This process allows closed building envelope systems to increase their drying potential with seasonal climatic changes.


The new U382 Firewall offers two and a half hours of protection at half the cost of other solutions on the market. It meets all the requirements of ASTM-E-119 and UL 263, with only one layer of Type C gypsum wallboard on each side. Filled with Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation, the U382 has an STC of 53. With an additional layer of gypsum board on one side the STC is 58. An STC of 63 is achieved with an added layer of gypsum board on each side.

Spray foam insulation

SeaLite is a high performance, water blown spray-in-place polyurethane foam insulation that provides energy savings with a direct payback to homeowners. Installed by professional applicators, any geometric design can be insulated, as the sprayed liquid foams up, expanding into a monolithic cellular membrane, completely sealing any shape area, providing an air barrier, noise barrier and dust and pollen block, as well as the insulation.