Brochure highlights PPG applicator program

The PPG Coil & Extrusion Coatings Group has published a new brochure highlighting its new Certified Applicator Program (PPG/CAP).

The program is modeled after the Certified Fabricator Program, developed to serve the architectural glass market. Architects and building owners who purchase their coatings from a PPG Certified Applicator receive a full range of benefits, including access to an elite group of commercial coating applicators who are certified by PPG to apply high-performance exterior coatings, such as Duranar and Coraflon fluoropolymer coatings to metal architectural components.

To become part of the PPG/CAP program, participants undergo a rigorous auditing process that encompasses all aspects of the coating process, from cleaning and pre-treating of the metal substrate to the actual application of the coating.

The audit also specifies paint application parameters and cure schedules, and how finished products should be handled, packed and shipped. There's also a continuous training and education component to the program.

The primary benefit of working with a CAP participant is enhanced color harmony among the various coated building components building professionals specify and install for their projects. The program establishes a number of protocols to minimize the potential for color variance in coatings, including:
  • A digital global database of colors, which are stored numerically
  • Mandated use of common software and hardware to measure color reproduction and uniformity
  • A uniform systems-oriented approach to matching colors and making paint
  • PPG's unparalleled color and coatings knowledge, experience and resources, especially in the area of metallic color production (from the auto industry)
As customers of PPG/CAP, program participants, architects, general contractors and glazing contractors receive the highest possible levels of quality, reliability and performance.

To learn more about the program or to order a copy of the brochure, visitwww.ppgideascapes.comor call (888) PPG-IDEA.