ASTM International announces the new, digital version of its entire library of technical information in digitized format. This new information repository enables users to access nearly all of the ASTM literature spanning more than 140 technical committees and more than 100 years.

This online resource includes:
  • 945 special technical publications
  • 50-plus manuals
  • 13,000 journal articles
  • 40,000 papers and chapters

From metals, petroleum and construction to the environment, forensics and consumer products, ASTM’s comprehensive and authoritative collection of work is an invaluable resource. Users of its Digital Library will find a self-service environment with the capability of locating a few articles or chapters, an entire book, or the entire library related to a particular topic.

Flexible subscription options, which meet a variety of needs, include:
  • Complete ASTM library of books, journals, peer-reviewed papers, and articles
  • Selected topic(s)-whatever area of expertise, access every ASTM book, article, or paper within that subject
  • The entire library of STPs
  • The entire library of manuals and monographs
  • The entire library of journal articles
  • Any combination of 25, 50 or 100 papers or chapters, or
  • Download individual papers, chapters and books as needed

Full text searching provides detailed search results. Searching by author, symposia, committee, author, abstract, or title are also available.

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