The new Wireworks Forms Open-Cell Ceiling System adds an innovative and visually intriguing high-tech look to open-cell ceiling designs. Each of the 2-foot-by-2-foot lay-in panels features a design manufactured from 3/16-inch-thick robotically welded curved steel wire that forms a 3-D shape or is woven into an intricate weave pattern. The four panels in the series are named Weave, Ripple, Small Wave and Big Wave, reflecting their overall appearance. These open-cell panels provide an interesting accent to all types of interior spaces and are designed to meet a variety of design and budget requirements. They also accommodate lightweight signage, lighting and merchandising displays. The panels can be installed either angled upward toward the ceiling or downward toward the floor. They combine with the Gridware Suspension System to create a custom ceiling system. In addition, the panels can easily be installed into Donn Brand Suspension Systems. The panels are ideal for accenting a variety of spaces, including retail stores, schools and healthcare facilities.