A White Paper which gives home builders, contractors, architects, and homeowners the facts on the best moisture management solutions for residential wall systems is available from Benjamin Obdyke Inc., maker of roof and wall products for the residential building market.

“We found that there is much confusion in the residential building market right now about how to control mold and mildew in walls while increasing energy efficiency,” said Mike Coulton, director, new product development. “Product names like housewraps, building paper, water or weather resistive barriers, and rainscreens are frequently being used interchangeably. The fact is that they each can play distinctively different roles according to the climate in which they are used. We believe this White Paper clears up many of the misconceptions.”

A number of recent developments have caused increased interest in building envelope moisture management solutions. For example, the International Residential Code (IRC) now requires the use of a water resistive barrier behind all facades.

Wherever the Model Energy Code is in effect, builders also must seal building shells to protect against air infiltration. And in Canada, the National Building Code was amended to mandate the use of a rainscreen system in areas that exceed a certain moisture threshold, a measure that local provinces are starting to adopt. A rainscreen system is a method of constructing walls in which the exterior cladding is separated from the weather-resistive barrier applied to the exterior sheathing by a continuous air space that allows for drainage of moisture and airflow.

“We think the independent research commissioned by Benjamin Obdyke helps bring clarity to the water resistive barrier and rainscreen system category,” Coulton said. “This paper provides the basic guidelines to assist in determining when, where, and how to make the best selection for each application.”

For more information on the White Paper, “Managing Moisture in Residential Building Envelopes,” visitwww.homeslicker.com.