Following successful mold remediation, the best way to ensure it never comes back is to install a high-quality dehumidification system. Innovative Dehumidifier Systems now offers the IW25 dehumidifier to help with excess moisture problems. 

Restoration companies understand that the immediate effects of fire, flooding and plumbing leaks can be dramatic, but it's an unseen microorganism — mold — that can have the most lasting impacts. Mold needs only three things to set up camp: food, darkness and moisture. Of those three, getting rid of moisture is the most practical. 

Mold is more than just a potentially expensive and stubborn nuisance. Certain species like black mold can make residents sick, and even make the home or apartment unlivable. Now, the approach of the spring thaw means that water entering homes and seeping into basements is likely to become a bigger concern.

Ironically, modern homes and buildings can be more susceptible to mold than older ones. Because of their high-quality construction, these homes have air-tight envelopes preventing moisture from escaping. When moisture can't get out, it encourages mold growth, particularly in dark, out-of-the-way spaces. 

Controlling mold growth requires controlling moisture levels in the air, and that's precisely what Innovative Dehumidifier's IW25 unit does. It operates independently of the HVAC system, and drains straight into plumbing or a hub drain — making it a hands-off approach to moisture control. The unit installs directly into a wall, and installation generally takes less than an hour. The IW25 has the ability to remove up to 25 pints per day of water from the air. Whereas many dehumidifiers require substantial power, ENERGY STAR certification means that the IW25 meets the highest standards in energy efficiency. 

Recently, Innovative Dehumidifier Systems was recognized as a leading HVAC energy controls manufacturer for 2016 by "Commercial Construction & Renovation." The honor adds to the company's reputation for engineering the best in-wall dehumidifier to fight mold and maintain healthy, clean and dry living spaces.