BASF Wall Systems announced that the International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Services has issued ESR-2429, which recognizes PermaLath 1000 fiberglass lath under the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC 275 for Glass Fiber Lath Used in Exterior Cementitious Wall Coatings or Exterior Cement Plaster (stucco). The report confirms compliance with the 2006 IBC and the 2006 International Residential Code, the company announced in a press release.

ESR-2429 recognizes PermaLath 1000 for use in combustible, non-combustible, and fire resistive construction with ASTM C 926 (three-coat) stucco, as well as with the company’s Wall Systems’ Stuccobase products. Systems with PermaLath 1000 are recognized with wood framing, and minimum 20-gauge steel framing along with sheathings that include OSB, plywood, ASTM C 79 paper-faced gypsum and ASTM C 1177 glass mat-faced gypsum.

A copy of the evaluation report is available online