Read about products from CertainTeed Corp., Armstrong Ceilings, ProSquare, Hunter Douglas Contract and USG Corporation.

Sustainable Ceiling Panels

CertainTeed Corp.

The Ecophon Master Solo S suspended ceiling offers a range of sustainable design options to building and design professionals. The product allows creative design in ceiling spaces, permits the easy integration of a variety of lighting systems, and features a 75 percent recycled content, Class A sound absorption and painted edges for an aesthetically appealing appearance. The product features painted edges and no profiles around the panels, enabling it to be poised at a variety of angles for a floating ceiling effect with a very clean, minimalist appearance. The easily installed panels are hung by ceiling wires fastened to suspension wire anchors, which are easily screwed in around the center of the panel’s unexposed side. The panels are available in nominal sizes 48 inches by 48 inches and 48 inches by 96 inches.

Recycled Content Drywall Grid Systems

Armstrong Ceilings

The company has expanded its portfolio of sustainable ceiling and suspension systems with the High Recycled Content Drywall Grid System and Drywall Framing System in the industry that is offered as a standard item. The HRC drywall systems feature a total recycled content of 61 percent, including 53 percent total post-consumer content and 8 percent total pre-consumer content. They join an Armstrong family of high recycled content ceiling system products that already includes Prelude XL HRC and Suprafine XL HRC suspension systems and Ultima HRC, Cirrus HRC and Tierra ceiling panels. The use of the systems can contribute to LEED points in the Materials and Resources Credit 4.1, 4.2 Recycled Content. Depending on the location of the project, use of the systems can also contribute to MR Credit 5.1, 5.2 Regional Materials if the manufacturing plant is within 500 miles. The new systems are both covered by ESR-1289 and are suitable for use in Seismic Design Categories C, D, E and F.

Low Cost Ceiling Grid


ProSquare Ceilings offers a low cost grid alternative for acoustical ceiling contractors. Current product line includes a 15/16 inch grid system including 7/8 inch wall angle in standard white. The product’s feature a stab style end that is raised to allow for a smooth transition at connection points of main tees and cross tees. The company has more than 30 years of experience into the design of its grid. The focused product line and minimal overhead costs allow the company to offer this high-quality product at an affordable price. 

Customized Acoustical Ceiling Designs

Hunter Douglas Contract

Techstyle Canvas panels offer a range of design choices, with thousands of solid colors and color matching to any major paint manufacturer, as well as a wide range of textures and surface patterns (including wood grain, plaster, leather and many others). The company’s digital design library is constantly updated with new choices. Designers can also create their own ceiling designs. The panels make these tools available to interior designers that need to combine improved acoustical performance with colorful aesthetics at an affordable price. Offered in thousands of colors and a range of customizable patterns, the panels are sustainable and affordable. The tiles are available for standard lay-in installation or with hidden clips for convenient swing-down access to the plenum. 

Wall Molding Bracket for Sloped Ceilings

USG Corporation

The company recently introduced an adjustable wall molding bracket for sloped ceilings. The new SB2 Adjustable Wall Molding Bracket will secure a standard wall molding at any angle to accommodate a sloped acoustical ceiling, eliminating the need for costly fabricated wall molding. The bracket also facilitates the use of a seismic clip in seismic applications. It can be used in all interior general use areas and with intermediate and heavy-duty USG DONN suspension systems, AX, DX/DXL, Fineline (DXF), Fineline 1/8 (DXFF), Centricitee (DXT), CE (Controlled Environment), DXSS, DXW, DXLA, and ZXLA (Environmental).