Read about products from Pinta Acoustic Inc., USG Corporation, CertainTeed, Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems and more.

Ceiling and wall system

Pinta Acoustic Inc.

The SONEX AFS Ceiling and Wall System is an acoustic plaster finishing system that provides a seamless, monolithic look to walls and ceilings. The product offers strong sound absorption with a high noise reduction coefficient. The panels are directly applied to solid substrates and glued with trowelable water-based adhesive with optional mechanical fasteners. Joints between the panels are taped and finished. Then, two coats of the company’s Phonstop PA85 acoustic plaster are trowel-applied to create a smooth, white and porous finish surface that has a slight texture from integral mineral aggregates. Custom color, nonbridging acoustical coating designed for this type of application can also be applied to the dry finish by certified applicators.

Adjustable wall molding bracket

USG Corporation

The company recently introduced an adjustable wall molding bracket for sloped ceilings. The new SB2 Adjustable Wall Molding Bracket will secure a standard wall molding at any angle to accommodate a sloped acoustical ceiling, eliminating the need for costly fabricated wall molding. The bracket also facilitates the use of a seismic clip in seismic applications. It can be used in all interior general use areas and with intermediate and heavy-duty USG DONN suspension systems.

Sustainable ceiling panels

CertainTeed Corp.

The Ecophon Master Solo S suspended ceiling offers a range of sustainable design options to building and design professionals. The product allows creative design in ceiling spaces, permits the easy integration of a variety of lighting systems and features a 75-percent recycled content, Class A sound absorption and painted edges for an aesthetically appealing appearance. The product features painted edges and no profiles around the panels, enabling it to be poised at a variety of angles for a floating ceiling effect with a very clean, minimalist appearance. The easily installed panels are hung by ceiling wires fastened to suspension wire. The panels are available in nominal sizes 48 inches by 48 inches and 48 inches by 96 inches.

Recycled content grid systems

Chicago Metallic Corp.

The High Recycled Content Ceiling Grid Systems, HRCmax, feature 65 percent recycled steel in their suspension grid components. The HRCmax grid systems-the Premium Ultraline, the Professional Tempra 4000, and the Standard 1200 System-each currently have a LEED RC value of 58. In addition to providing the highest recycled steel content in the industry and being 100 percent recyclable, HRCmax systems feature double web construction for increased strength and durability. With a 9/16-inch wide profile, Ultraline grid systems provide a choice of reveals-1/4 and 1/8 inch-and crisp intersections to accent any ceiling. Tempra grid has an understated 9/16-inch wide profile, accepts square or revel edge lay-in panels, and is ideal for hospitals, retail locations, airports, transit stations, galleries and offices. Suspension systems meet all industry standards for codes compliance and compatibility with acoustical tile, light fixtures and air diffusers. Popular applications include healthcare, hospitality, retail locations, airports, transit stations, galleries and offices.

Binder for open plan ceilings

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems

The company has announced that nine items in its Optima Open Plan family of ceilings are now available with a fiberglass substrate made with a plant-based binder. The ceilings with the binder are available in both lay-in and tegular 2-feet-by-2-feet, 2-feet-by-4-feet and 4-feet-by-4-feet panels for installation in 15/16-inch grid, and in tegular same-size panels for installation in 9/16-inch grid. A high-performing acoustical environment also contributes to indoor environmental quality. Optima Open Plan ceilings offer outstanding sound absorption with a NRC of 0.95 and Articulation Class of 190. The ceilings also feature a high Light Reflectance value of 0.90.