Glass-Enhanced Ceiling Panels - CHICAGO METALLIC CORPORATION

Chicago Metallic has unveiled Monarch GE, a glass-enhanced gypsum ceiling panel system that is 100 percent recyclable. Manufactured using 70 percent post-consumer recycled glass beads and a unique gypsum formulation, Monarch GE ceiling panels replicate classic architectural styles in a wide variety of elegant designs and colors. The panels will not warp, sag or rot and are ideal for environments requiring rich, elegant, dramatic ceilings. The panels will not support the growth of mold and mildew and achieve a Class A fire rating.

Vinyl Ceiling Tiles - CEILUME

Ceilume has added the Ceilings Magnifique line of designer ceiling tiles to its growing family of eco-friendly, easy-to-install vinyl ceiling products. Available in 18 styles that offer the beauty and charm of historic tin with the ease and savings of rigid vinyl, the tiles are made from Class A fire-rated material, will not absorb moisture or odors, and are 100-percent locally recyclable. Suitable for use in direct-mount or grid-mount installations, they offer Old World elegance at affordable prices.

Ornamental Plaster Ceiling Tiles - ABOVE VIEW

This line of suspended ornamental plaster ceiling tiles consists of more than 75 designs. They are fabricated from a patented, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-combustible composition and drop into any standard 15/16-inch T-Bar grid system. Using a proprietary manufacturing process, which consistently produces a unique high-quality product, special attention is given to the fabrication of each tile in order to maintain definition of details and integrity of surfaces. Custom designs, custom colors and a variety of faux finishes are available upon request.

Wood Ceiling and Wall Panels - HUNTER DOUGLAS CONTRACT

Natura is a new line of wood ceiling and wall panels appropriate for a wide range of applications. Perforations and grooves are available in a variety of sizes and designs for maximum decorative choices and enhanced acoustical performance. The system allows for seamless integration of ceiling and wall panels. The panels are Class A flame-retardant, promote superior indoor air quality, allow for full access to the plenum, and grid options make the panels easy to remove and replace. They are available in 2 x 2-foot and 2 x 4-foot sizes.


Chelsea introduces new Hand Painted Finishes for its line of pressed tin for walls and ceilings. Available in copper, earth tone, gothic gold and tropical colors, the tins have been finished by hand, using eight layers of paint applications. The colors will remain consistent from order to order. Since they are painted by hand, intensities of color may vary.

QuikStix Soffit System - ARMSTRONG CEILINGS

The new QuikStix Soffit System is designed to reduce time and labor for the installation of drop soffits and bulkheads. The system features knockouts at 6- or 8-inch centers to reduce cutting time, with alignment holes making it easy to insert screws to form 30-, 45-, 60-, 75- and 90-degree angles. The system also incorporates a flattened bulb that is offset to allow true angles without interference; a bending crimp prevents misalignment. QuikStix soffits also offer all the other features of the Armstrong Drywall Grid System, including a 1 1/2-inch screwing surface, ScrewStop reverse hem to prevent screw spin-off, rotary stitching to add strength and stability, and a deep knurled surface for easy screw insertion.

Styrene Ceiling Panels - SURFACINGSOLUTION

SurfacingSolution introduces new Styrene “tin” ceiling panels. These wall or ceiling panels come in 2- x 4-foot panels and when installed overlap each other, making their seams virtually invisible. The panels simply glue up with no nailing necessary and come in a natural white color that can be left as-is, or spray painted any color to look like copper, tin, aluminum, or brass. The panels are available in two patterns.