The Associated General Contractors of America has released national and state-by-state data that shows personal earnings will increase by $1.1 billion and the national gross domestic product will increase by $3.4 billion for every billion dollars invested in new infrastructure projects.

The data, which is based on new economic research conducted for the association as well as federal data and economic impact estimations, demonstrates the benefit of including infrastructure investments as part of the stimulus package, according to the association’s CEO Stephen Sandherr.

According to the new data, for every billion invested in projects designed to improve highways, water systems, educational and health facilities and energy systems, more than 28,500 jobs will be created or saved nationwide. More than 9,000 of those jobs would be for construction related work and another 4,600 would be for associated work, such as suppliers, while another 14,300 of those jobs would be added outside to the broader economy. 

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