Lift manufacturer JLG has collaborated with AirWorx Construction Equipment & Supply to produce a uniquely designed boom lift that could help promote autism awareness.

The Indianapolis-based rental yard purchased the 86-foot tall boom lift for its fleet and JLG painted it a special color and created “jigsaw puzzle” graphics covering the entire surface of the machine that symbolize the pieces of the Autism puzzle that have yet to be completed. The plan for the boom lift is to rent it to AirWorx’s customers with a percentage of the rental income to be donated to fund autism-related activities. In addition to AirWorx’s contribution, rental customers can elect to contribute an additional amount over the rental rate, with 100 percent of that amount going directly to autism-related programs.

AirWorx took delivery in November and is donating 20 percent of all rental revenue generated, with half going to the Autism Society of America, and the other half set aside for a scholarship to The Independence Academy, a unique new school in Indianapolis that specializes in education for middle and high school students with high-functioning autism. Contributions from the rental yard will go toward reducing much of this educational expense for scholarship recipients.

As a “thank you” to the customers who rent the JLG boom lift, AirWorx will have the customers’ name, project name and amount of money their rental of the machine raised for autism printed on a label that will be placed on top of one of the colored jigsaw piece graphics on the machine. It will become a permanent part of the design and serve as a testament to those who helped create awareness for autism and generated funds to help those affected with the disorder.