Simonton Windows is helping the team of A&E Network’sFlip This Houseto renovate a home that was damaged by Hurricane Ike this past summer and resell it. The 2,188 square-foot home in Galveston, Texas, was under more than 4 feet of water as a result of the seawall being breached during the hurricane. Part of the rebuild challenge was removing mold that had settled in the home and reconstructing it to meet local building codes in the Galveston coastal area.

“Water and wind can do incredible damage to a home during a hurricane,” said Christopher Burk, product manager for Simonton Windows. “For this house renovation project, Simonton provided impact-resistant Simonton StormBreaker Plus products that meet the building code requirements for impact protection for coastal area construction.”

Specified to be Energy Star qualified, the windows will also help the new homeowners save on heating and cooling costs.

A&E Network will feature the Galveston project home in an episode ofFlip This Housenext year.