Plasterers Local 66 of San Francisco announced funding from the California Labor Federation and State Building & Construction Trades Council of California to prepare journey-level workers for transitioning into the new green economy.

This funding will allow journeymen plasterers to upgrade their skills in green interior plaster wall finish made by American Clay Enterprises. This product can contribute up to seven LEED Credits on a project. The product has no VOCs or off gassing of chemicals. The supplier’s plasters are safe for the workers applying the material, as well as anyone that comes into contact with the product after it is applied.

Plasterers Local 66 will start training its plasterers in July on the American Clay Earth Plasters. The continued education will take place at its apprenticeship training facility and will consist of learning all aspects of the plasters. LEED training will also be incorporated into the curriculum.

Plasterers Local 66 has been working with at-risk youth for eight years at the Treasure Island Job Corps. This pre-apprentice plastering training program was established to give young adults an opportunity to learn a career and better their lives. The new green economy, along with American Clays Earth Plasters and Plasters Local 66 training, will enable Local 66 to put more young adults from this program directly into its apprenticeship program.