The Carolina Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association has endorsed Swett & Crawford, a provider of wholesale commercial insurance products and programs, for its unique insurance program designed especially to cover the risks and exposures of EIFS applicators. The Specialty Stucco Insurance Strategy was formulated in conjunction with Huckaby & Associates, a South Carolina-based independent insurance agency.

“The CLAPCA endorsement affirms how important specialization is at the retail level,” said Michael Lassig, who spearheads the SSIS initiative at Swett & Crawford. “We’ve worked with Huckaby & Associates on the EIFS issue for over 10 years now. As Huckaby’s wholesale partner, we are constantly in the market negotiating new and renewal placements for applicators. This on-going activity provides us a distinct advantage in tracking the marketplace. We look forward to working with Huckaby & Associate to bring this know-how and clout to the CLAPCA membership.”

CLAPCA members should contact Joey Huckaby at Huckaby & Associates for coverage details by calling 803-772-3773 or e-mailing