The cordless CR18L is a lithium-ion cordless spiral saw. At 30,000 RPMs, the tool’s power, speed and lightweight body allow users high performance cutting, paired with advanced lithium-ion technology, enhances productivity and minimizes downtime. Litheon technology also guarantees maximum life-cycle, minimum self-discharge and no deteriorating memory effect. At only 2.8 pounds with battery, the tool is ideal for cutting materials such as wood, tile, drywall, underlayment and laminate. From installing walls to making cut-outs in ceilings, the saw’s ergonomics allow for optimal gripping, leading to better balance and control. Its super-slim soft-grip body improves user comfort, especially when working around hard-to-reach surfaces. Though extremely compact, the CR18L provides a 20 percent higher power-to-weight ratio when compared to leading competitors. The batteries are compatible with all other Bosch 18-volt Litheon power tools.

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