The Hilti WSR 18-A CPC reciprocating saw is the newest addition to the Hilti 18-V cordless tool platform. The product is engineered with a high-efficiency motor and eccentric gear, and when combined with Hilti’s CPC battery technology, it performs more applications per charge than other cordless reciprocating saws. It is the ideal tool for cutting EMT conduits, galvanized pipes, struts, threaded rods, anchor bolts and rebar, as well as cutting form work, plywood, and OSB. The reciprocating saw excels in creating openings in sheet metal, drywall and cement boards. The Hilti CPC battery technology protects the battery, switch and motor for increased durability and longer battery life. And, the Hilti eccentric gear incorporated into the design of the WSR 18-A provides operators more work per charge. This saw comes standard with a high-efficiency motor for longer tool life and productivity, as well as a drop-resistant housing to ensure maximum protection of the tool’s vital components. For more information, visitwww.us.hilti.com.