The company has renamed Mortairvent as Home Slicker Stone & Stucco and incorporated it into the Home Slicker family of products. The renamed product alleviates moisture problems specifically in stone, stucco, and masonry applications by providing a continuous drainage and ventilation space in a rainscreen wall assembly. The vertically channeled matrix forms the air space while the breathable fabric blocks mortar from seeping into the newly formed cavity, allowing moisture to pass through. Home Slicker Stone & Stucco extends the service life of wall components by creating the necessary space in a rainscreen assembly that drains wind-driven rain from behind the cladding, and ventilates to remove moisture. Each roll weighs 15 pounds, is 39 inches wide, 61½ feet long, and .25 inches thick, with a coverage area of 200 square feet. It features a UV exposure of 30 days (maximum) and comes with the company’s 50-Year Limited Warranty.

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