Materials provider ParexLahabra has announced the opening of its newest manufacturing facility in Albuquerque.

The new dry materials plant features a new Eirich automated mixer, which is more efficient than older manual mixing processes. The new machinery delivers more accurate dosing, producing a more consistent product and has reduced mixing time from twenty to thirty minutes to three to five minutes with a significant amount of saved energy. The reduction in time has increased production efficiency by 500 percent. This translates into quality products that are delivered to the customer in less time using less energy. Finished products are stacked on pallets by a robotic arm, allowing faster palletizing of products and eliminating possible back injuries to our employees.

“The environment was a concern in the construction of our new plant,” said Dave Leach, central region operations manager for the company. “This new facility uses an energy savings air compressor and ties dust collection into the entire dosing and mixing process. The process eliminates dust released to the atmosphere both inside and outside the plant and is more environmentally friendly.”