Johns Manville

JM Corbond III spray foam insulation is a premium high-yield, closed-cell spray foam building insulation. The product can be installed alone or in combination with JM Formaldehyde-free fiberglass building insulation as a hybrid “system” to create custom insulation solutions that meet high demands. The products benefits include:

The insulation provides an R-19 (R-18.6 aged value) when installed at a thickness of 3 inches, and offers up to an R-38 (R-37.2 aged value) when installed at 6 inches.

It offers the highest yield of any closed-cell foam building insulation, providing 5,000 to 5,200 board feet of coverage per set.

Due to the reaction temperature of the product’s two primary components, it sprays at 3 inches per pass, allowing for greater productivity.

Offers outstanding cold-temperature installation performance and can be applied in temperatures as cool as 25 degrees F.

Because the material is a solid cellular plastic, it achieves complete climate isolation between outside and indoor environments.

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