Telling Industries has begun a full conversion to the True-Stud product line. The line is a patent pending drywall framing system that utilizes improved design elements and stronger raw materials. The company intends on completing a full conversion to the line at two of its three facilities by March 29.

According to a press release, the company has invested more than a year of research and development to the True-Stud product. The True line is replacing the older traditional drywall framing products previously offered by the company.

The company has begun the conversion process at its Cambridge, Ohio, facility and the Osceola, Ark., location for a brief 30-day period. During the conversions, the company will be shipping various combinations of the True products, alongside its traditional offerings. This transition will involve converting manufacturing equipment, redesigning packaging and internal system updates. Telling assures the public that service will not suffer during this process.