Arrow Fastener Company

Arrow Fastener Company LLC introduces its new T50 R.E.D. professional manual staple gun and 1-inch brad nail gun. The staple gun is the first in the company’s new R.E.D. product line, which is an acronym for “Reliable. Ergonomic. Durable.” The staple gun is the only manual tacker capable of firing a 1-inch brad nail. It features U.S. Patented Drive Technology that enables the user to set a staple or nail right on virtually any surface. The staple gun features a high and low power setting that allows you to adjust when working with hard surfaces like melamine, or softer surfaces like an upholstery project in pine. It also offers up to 40 percent more power than select competitive products on the market, which makes it more versatile on the jobsite. For more information, visit