Bosch's GLL2-80 projects constant lines on both vertical and horizontal planes and reduces moving parts for a lighter and more rugged tool.


The GLL2-80 is capable of projecting constant lines on both vertical and horizontal planes, ideal for alignment and leveling applications when installing wall tiling, drop ceilings, interior framing, decorative finish and trim work and more. For specific applications, the tool quickly switches between dual-plane, vertical-only and horizontal-only modes. The laser features Cone Mirror Technology, which reflects a laser beam to project bright laser “chalk lines” in 360 degrees, rather than using a motor to rotate the beam. By reducing the number of moving parts, the company is able to produce a laser layout tool that is more compact, lighter, easier to calibrate and simpler to use overall. Minimizing moving parts also means the GLL2-80 is significantly more rugged in typical jobsite use. Regardless of application, set-up is fast and simple for the self-leveling product. A secure transport lock protects the pendulum when the unit is switched off. Once leveled, the tool is accurate to within 1/4-inch over its 100-foot range (in normal mode). 

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