Grace Construction Products

Perm-A-Barrier VPS (Vapor Permeable Sheet) is a self-adhering vapor permeable air barrier membrane consisting of a breathable carrier film with a specially designed adhesive. Its “breathability” prevents moisture from being trapped in the wall cavity by allowing walls the ability to dry. As with other products in the Perm-A-Barrier line, it creates a solid barrier against air infiltration and exfiltration. The product resists hydrostatic water pressure and wind driven rain. Self-adhered, it eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners and the controlled thickness of the membrane ensures constant, non-variable site application. Its light weight allows for easy handling and installation, and its flexibility accommodates minor settlement and shrinkage movement while bridging cracks and joints in the substrate. Perm-A-Barrier VPS is compatible with Grace Perm-A-Barrier Flashing Systems.