BASF and Spec Mix's joint marketing agreement enables contractors to combine the advantages of BASF products with computer-batched Spec Mix Fiber.

BASF’s Wall Systems business and Spec Mix Inc. announced a joint marketing agreement. The program enables contractors to combine the advantages of BASF’s stucco finishes, water-resistive barriers, reinforcing basecoats and PermaLath 1000 fiberglass lath with computer-batched Spec Mix Fiber Base Coat stucco in systems that are covered by a single warranty.

The Fiber Base Coat stucco is an ICC code approved, dry, pre-blended cement stucco basecoat that is engineered with proprietary admixtures and fibers that reduce shrinkage and checking. Produced at more than 40 manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada, SPEC MIX FBC is computer batched for consistency and performance unmatched by traditional field-mixed stucco. It can be installed as a “one coat stucco” basecoat or as the scratch and brown coat in a traditional stucco application. Available in 80- and 3,000-pound packages, the product meets the requirements for ASTM C 926.

Randy Donovan, manager of technical services for BASF’s Wall Systems business, likes what this automation means to the eventual quality of the wall. “By eliminating shovel work, there is no chance that a worker will produce a mix that has too much or too little sand. A proper mix is essential to the performance of the wall.”

BASF will issue warranties for FBC projects that include key Wall Systems components, including finishes, PermaLath fiberglass lath, fluid applied water-resistive barriers and reinforced acrylic base coats supplied by BASF’s Senergy, Finestone, SonoWall or Acrocrete distributors. The durations of the single source warranties range up to 15 years, depending upon the system configuration.