LiquidFoil Attic Barrier is a liquid-applied, low-emissivity radiant heat barrier that can reduce energy demand and improve home comfort year-round. The product is an efficient radiant heat reflector that keeps approximately 80 percent of radiant heat out of the attic. The barrier installs in one day and is two to three times faster to install than insulation and sheet-applied barriers and less expensive. Unlike many competing liquid radiant heat barriers, it does not require mixing Part A with Part B at specified rates and does not use aluminum powder (Part B) that can become airborne, creating a breathing hazard and coating surfaces with unwanted shiny dust. The barrier also allows vapor to escape, which prevents condensation and moisture accumulation. In addition to blocking radiant heat, it also keeps warm air from escaping in cold weather. It can be applied to drywall, masonry, concrete, ceiling tile, plaster and previously painted surfaces.