QuietJoint foam sticks compress to fill interior openings. They are colorized, versatile and ideally suited to filling gaps between the ends of permanent, semi-permanent, or movable partitions, head-of-wall and other conditions. They are particularly effective in filling the gap found at the perpendicular intersection of interior walls at windows and curtain walls. The sticks provide thermal insulation by preventing the movement of heat or cold airflow between adjacent interior spaces. As the name implies, they aid in sound attenuation by providing an effective acoustical dampening barrier with a STC53 or OITC38 rating* that often equals or exceeds the walls or partitions. (*Single 2-inch/50mm depth piece tested in a STC56 and OITC38 wall.) Each stick is easily held in place by means of the internal backpressure from the foam. This non-invasive anchoring allows for rapid and simple installation in any accessible opening. Supplied in full-story, 10-foot lengths, it is delivered uncompressed and slightly oversized allowing the material to be compressed by hand and squeezed into the gap or opening. The material folds in its center along a tooled crease to absorb slight variations in substrates.

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