A round-up of the latest lasers offered on the market for the wall and ceiling industry. New trends include brighter beams, better job site resistance and ease of use. Here are a handful of instruments introduced within the last several months.

Three-beam Line Laser

DeWALT’s new Line Laser (DW089K) features multiple design enhancements.

“The third vertical beam that our new unit offers, aids in layout applications to solve many of the common frustrations our users experienced. This feature coupled with several other key advancements is sure to make the DW089K a leading line laser in the marketplace,” says Ward Smith, product manager.

The laser features a second plumb line that forms a 90-degree intersecting line on the floor and ceiling. This third vertical beam allows contractors to use the tool for layout applications without the need for a second laser. For commercial wall layout applications, the tool has a track clearance of more than 1¾ inch, which means there is no need for additional accessories to raise the laser over drywall track.

The tool also has a micro adjust knob for easy alignment, a metal roll cage for durability, and an integrated pivot bracket and universal wall mount that is ideal for acoustical ceiling installation. The micro adjust knob is especially important in that it allows users to steadily adjust the 90-degree layout lines in small increments without the need to nudge the laser to hit a specific mark-a common frustration among contractors who are using standard line lasers.

For improved visibility, the beam is two-times brighter than its predecessor. The tool will come standard with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee. The one-year free service contract includes two calibrations. 

Self-leveling Rotary Laser

Johnson Level’s 40-6544 Electronic Self-Leveling Horizontal & Vertical Rotary Laser features GreenBrite technology. This is a green beam laser level that features a beam that is 400 percent more visible than red beams when used indoors.  The laser beam modes include dot, two adjustable line lengths and two rotational speeds. Visual and audible alarms alert the user when the laser is beyond the leveling range. 

The height of instrument/tilt alarm function ensures product accuracy because it lets the user know if the laser level has been moved or tampered with on the job site when it is in-use.  

Laser Distance Meters

The RIDGID micro LM-100 Laser Distance Meter provides fast and accurate distance readings at the push of a button. The measurement button turns on the Class II lasers and point the device at the spot to be measured to. The distance reading will appear on the easy-to-read LCD display. Key features include:

  • Quickly and accurately measure runs and construction distances
  • Generate accurate materials estimates and bids
  • Determine spacing for code compliance
  • Pinpoint problem areas
  • Diagram layouts

Interior, Line, Rotating and Automatic Instruments

Topcon’s affordable series of lasers and levels 2LS is designed to bridge the gap between DIY and industrial quality lasers, levels and surveying instruments used on large construction and civil engineering projects. Four new models are available with the 2LS brand-Orion automatic levels, Gemini series of interior lasers, Leo series of line lasers and the Taurus rotating laser system.

“The 2LS products are high quality positioning tools ideally suited for home builders, remodelers, concrete formers, mechanical contractors, drywall and ceiling installers,” says Brian Juroff, director of sales, construction.

The Orion system is an optical digital level specifically designed for any leveling or elevation job. Juroff says, “Using technology usually only available on high-precision survey instruments, its easy point-and-shoot electronic design eliminates guesswork and potential errors.”

The Gemini laser lineup is designed to increase productivity on all horizontal, vertical or plumb applications, and is ideally suited for interior jobs. This series comes in two models-normal red beam or high-visibility GreenBeam.

The Leo multi-line lasers are available in three models: 3- 5-, and 7-beams. Priced to fit every budget, the Leo series is designed to be used by all types of contractors, such as remodelers, drywall, HVAC, electrical and more.

The Taurus laser is for all flat work applications. The automatic self-leveling instrument has a 1,000 foot working range. If the laser level is disturbed, it shuts off automatically and sends an alert so the operator does not go off-grade. The Taurus also includes an LS-1 laser detector with dual-sided LCD display.

Rugged Range Meter

The new Hilti PD 5 Laser Range Meter concentrates solely on the fundamental task of measuring distances. The tool can accurately measure distances up to 230 feet. This laser range meter is able to measure quickly and safely in places where access is difficult or heights where alternative measuring methods fail.

Ruggedly built, it has durable rubber protection surrounding the edges of the meter, creating a dust-tight, water-resistant casing. Under the company’s Lifetime Service, the laser will be serviced quickly and reliably, if needed, with no additional cost for two years. During the lifetime repair cost limit, which begins after the two-year no-cost period, the tool will have a maximum repair cost of no greater than 30 percent of a new tool’s list price. Once the tool is repaired, it receives an additional six months of no-cost service. The lifetime manufacturer’s warranty covers the tool against manufacturer defects for the life of the tool.*

Universal Construction Laser Tool

The Trimble/Spectra Precision UL633 Universal Laser is a rugged, versatile and automatic self-leveling tool that can be used in a wide variety of layout and alignment applications by general, interior and specialty contractors. The tool allows total automatic control of all three axes (X/Y/Z). Control of the Z axis is accomplished through the new “fan beam” technology, while control of the X and Y axes utilize a dual radio connection.

The universal laser can provide precise automatic axes alignments without positioning the two receivers 90 degrees perpendicular. This allows contractors to easily perform dual axis alignments for applications such as grade work on sports fields, parking lots, tennis courts and driveways. Since the UL633 can work with two receivers simultaneously, contractors can measure an unknown grade value automatically between two elevation points in Grade Match mode.

On job sites where maximum accuracy and stability are required, elevations can be precisely secured using the automatic Dual Axis PlaneLok feature. This capability locks and maintains the laser reference plane to two receivers placed at existing elevation points, eliminating drift or possible errors caused by vibrations or temperature changes.

The UL633 and the Spot Finder offer additional versatility for 90 degree layout applications on concrete pads as well as indoors for drywall. Activating the SpotLok mode ensures that the UL633 locks and holds the plumb beam automatically to the Spot Finder at the desired direction or elevation point, offering a precise alignment to avoid rework.

Simplified Distance Measurer

The GLM 50 from Bosch is designed for users who need a simplified, yet durable laser distance measurer for daily use. With the five most commonly used measurement modes, a backlit display, and an accuracy of up to 1/16 inch, the laser is an affordable and reliable instrument. The tool is ideal for interior applications that require length, area, volume and surface measurements, such as:

  • Estimating material needs for plumbing, HVAC and electrical installations
  • Taking room measurements before laying tiles, carpet, wood and other flooring materials
  • Estimating materials needed for drywall, paint and other wall covering materials
  • Checking dimensions in building shells

The GLM 50 offers users a precise measuring solution with a distance up to 165 feet. Users can select between the five most widely used measuring modes by toggling through one button: length, area, volume, continuous and indirect height. Three measuring reference points are available: from the front, back and center of the unit with an optional tripod.

The tool features a new slim design with a large, three-line, automatic backlit display for best readability in any situation. The tool has also been job site tested and is protected against dust and water to IP 54 and is drop resistant up to 3 feet.

Robust Rotation Laser

Stabila’s new rotation laser LAR 120 G is ideal for drywallers, carpenters, window installers, electricians and others. It also features the first green-light laser by the company. The green laser beam is optimally detected by the human eye and therefore increases visibility of the laser line. Extremely long distance range of the visible laser line in scan mode: The green light enables measurements up to 40 meters (131 feet) for interior work.

The laser features fast, precise work through self-leveling

Motor-operated automatic leveling

Eight laser functions

Controlled slope setting in one direction (on two axes) by +/-5 degrees

Integrated height adjustment enables one to work comfortably at the reference plane

Horizontal and vertical mounting on a tripod, leveling console or on the floor

Vibrations are counterbalanced and more.