Exterior Wall System Drainage Solution


The full-wall Driwall Rainscreen drainage mat rolls over the weather resistant barrier to separate it from the exterior veneer. The assured airspace that it creates increases airflow through the wall cavity, allowing the wall to breathe and stay dry. Applications include stucco, manufactured stone and plank siding.

Inquire for samples or visitwww.KeeneBuilding.comfor more information.

Water-Activated Cornerbead


HydroTrim L Trim requires only water for application, bonds absolutely to the drywall, and dries within 10-15 minutes. As a result, installations are quick and clean, and corners can be finished almost immediately. The product is available in 1/2- and 5/8-inch profiles, in lengths of 10 feet.

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Elemix Concrete Additive: Discover the Concrete Solution to Lightweight


Engineered to drastically and uniformly reduce the weight of concrete without requiring air-entraining admixtures, ELEMIX concrete additive leverages its dynamic structure and dispersion characteristics to become an integral part of the concrete matrix. This results in reliably consistent, high-performance lightweight structural concrete no matter how high or far it is pumped.

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Solution for Congested Corridor Plenums


New SingleSpan Solution from Armstrong is designed especially for hospital corridors and other congested plenum spaces where direct wire drops are not always possible. The new installation system is offered in two options. The first uses Prelude PeakForm Main Beams with an additional PeakForm bulb. The second uses heavy-duty versions of Suprafine, Silhouette, Interlude, and Prelude Main Beams installed with StrongBack.

For more information, visitArmstrong.com/singlespan

Material-Handling Cranes


The company has been selling and installing Palfinger cranes since 1985. After extensive research and testing, Palfinger has developed the ultimate models for handling all types of building materials. The PW series cranes are geared for safe, smooth, high-speed operation. Their innovative design allows for rapid movement of drywall and lumber.

For more information, visitwww.tiffincrane.com.

Ultra-Tech Gun-Grade Elastomeric Sealant


Ultra-Tech white elastomeric sealant is the answer to reliable caulking of Plastic Components’ PVC accessories. Ultra-Tech, a high-performance gun-grade sealant, forms an airtight, water-resistant seal against moisture. It offers excellent adhesion and superior elongation:

No “shiners” or paint discoloration


Mildew- and dirt-resistant

Paintable, soap/water clean up

For more information, visit www.plasticomponents.com/whats_new.asp.

Base Coat Stucco - Pump Grade


QUIKRETE Base Coat Stucco – Pump Grade is a fiber-reinforced, Portland cement-based stucco designed for use as the scratch and brown coat in three-coat and two-coat stucco applications. It is specifically formulated to be highly flowable and has very low sag characteristics. It is available in 80-pound bags and 3,000-pound bulk bags with a silo delivery system.

For details, visitwww.QUIKRETE.com.

XP Family of Mold Resistant Products


The company’s XP family of mold resistant products has achieved GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification, signifying the highest indoor air quality standards. Recognized by National Gypsum’s Original PURPLE color, the family includes Gold Bond BRAND XP Gypsum Board, Hi-Abuse XP, Hi-Impact XP, SoundBreak XP, Fire-Shield Shaftliner XP and ProForm BRAND XP Ready Mix Joint Compound.

For more information, visitwww.nationalgypsum.com.

Sustainble Insulation - Serious Green


Green products are great for the environment-but they have to perform. When the name on the package is CertainTeed, that’s not a concern. Our new Sustainable Insulation features recycled and renewable content, including a plant-based binder with no added formaldehyde, acrylics, dyes or unnecessary fire retardant chemicals.

For more information, visit www.certainteed.com/products/insulation.

Deflection Clip

Flex-Ability Concepts

The Three Legged Dog deflection clip by Flex-Ability Concepts eliminates fumbling or dropped clips. Slide the clip onto the top end of the stud. With the clip attached, raise the stud into the deep-leg track and snap into place. Then, secure the clip using conventional fasteners. The Three Legged Dog allows for 1⁷⁄₈-inch of total deflection.

C www.flexabilityconcepts.com

Weather Defense Platinum

Lafarge North America Inc.

Lafarge Weather Defense Platinum is a moisture- and mold-resistant exterior wall sheathing designed to be covered by an exterior-finish cladding. It is lightweight, scores, cuts and fastens easily, and provides irritation-resistant handling. It also provides protection in most applications, under normal weather conditions, from exposure to the elements for up to 12 months. For more information, please contact your area sales manager or the Lafarge Customer Value Department.

Visitwww.lafarge-na.comfor further information.

Quality Base Coat Stucco


Fiber Base Coat stucco is formulated for optimum workability, reduced shrinkage and maximum coverage on every project. There is no sand to shovel, eliminating the expense of wasted labor and material. On top of complete quality assurance, SPEC MIX FBC is more cost effective. It yields up to 30 percent more stucco compared to the same amount of bagged products and damp, loose sand shoveled into a mixer. Available in 80-pound bags or 3,000-pound bulk bags, FBC stucco increases productivity and profitability-every time.

For more information, visitwww.specmix.com.