After successfully completing the Programming and Schematic design phases of the project in collaboration with the Long Beach City College District team, user group and bond management team BCA Architects continues their partnership with the LBCCD to modernize their Nursing and Health Technology building.

Long Beach City College is the home of the nationally recognized nursing program offered by the Health and Technology Department. The Health and Technology building is a three-story building constructed circa 1969. The total enclosed area of the building being modernized is 23,250 square feet. Currently the Nursing Department is preparing students to work in 21st century hospitals in a facility built in 1969—to maximize the use of the existing spaces and to provide a 21st Century Learning Environment, designed for the specific needs of the Nursing and Health Technology program, the College District and BCA Architects have embarked on converting all existing enclosed areas to support new functional needs of the Department.

Paul Bunton, AIA, President of BCA Architects, said, “BCA is enjoying our partnership with the Long Beach City College and their Bond Management Team to assist in the modernization and expansion of this exciting and progressive program. The students of LBCC will be learning in one of the most state-of-the-art nursing and health technology facilities in the State.”

Since 1927, LBCC has been serving the needs of the city of Long Beach and its neighboring districts of Avalon, Lakewood and Signal Hill. Long Beach Community College District is making significant improvements to both of their campuses and implementing construction programs under the Measure E Bond Program, Proposition 1A, Proposition 47, Proposition 55, and State-funded scheduled maintenance projects. The Renovation of Building C - Nursing and Health Technology building project is expected to be complete in the fall of 2014.