The Steel Framing Industry Association, Falls Church, Va., has released “Technical Guide for Cold Formed Steel Framing Products,” a comprehensive guide that provides technical information for designing with cold formed steel framing members. The 110-page book covers both structural and non-structural applications. The guide begins with section properties of SFIA member product profiles, then provides complete load and span tables for most applications. Designers will find all the information they need to accomplish code compliant structural analysis. It is available free online at the SFIA Web site under “Technical Information.”


“This is the first industry association technical catalog for cold formed steel framing to comply with the 2009 IBC and the 2007 AISI North American Specification,” said Patrick W. Ford, technical director for the SFIA. “Along with the SFIA’s Code Compliance Certification Program, users can be assured that they are getting a quality product, in line with the latest widely adopted codes.”


The direct address for this guide is