The Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) has released the 2019 edition “Technical Guide for Cold-Formed Steel Framing Products,” the industry’s most comprehensive technical guide for designing with cold-formed steel framing members.


The 2019 edition includes a number of important updates, including compliance with the 2018 International Building Code and the AISI S100-16, which is the current version of the American Iron & Steel Institute Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members, and AISI S240-15, which is the applicable AISI Standard for cold-formed steel structural framing. The Technical Guide is also compiled per the minimum requirements of the 2016 California Building Code and the 2017 Florida Building Code.


The SFIA Technical Guide also becomes the only industry publication to provide limiting height tables for composite wall assemblies that meet the requirements of ICC AC86-12 needed to ensure that design of these walls meet current code requirements. The Guide was also streamlined by removing some tables for multiple span conditions where the data was rarely applicable.


Patrick W. Ford, technical director for the SFIA, says, “Changes in codes and standards is an evolving process. The SFIA Guide helps us fulfill our mission to provide design and construction professionals with all the information they need to accomplish code compliant structural analysis. Supporting the largest group of cold-formed steel manufacturers, the SFIA Technical Catalog has the most current and comprehensive set of data in the industry.”


A copy of the 92-page publication is available for download on the SFIA site at no charge. Printed copies can be ordered via e-mail.