The Bria ClimaPlus acoustical ceiling panels provide strong sound control, durability and an attractive, sleek style to a variety of environments. With a noise reduction coefficient .70 and a ceiling attenuation class of up to 38, these lightly-textured acoustical ceiling panels are ideal in settings such as classrooms, lobby areas, conference rooms, executive offices, retail stores, or transportation terminals. The panels have double the impact resistance of similarly textured ceiling panels as tested per ASTM C367. With a thirty-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew, these panels promise a long life span while also presenting an abuse-resistant surface that can be easily cleaned with a brush or vacuum. With a zero-emitting performance, these panels exceed CA Specification 01350 (CA Dept. of Health Services Standard Practice for the testing of VOC emissions) and are also listed on CHPS database. Providing maximized High Recycled Content (HRC), Bria Panels help in maximizing LEED Recycled content contribution.